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Treatment info

The length of a treatment depends on what treatment you have.

A full body massage can last for an hour or longer. A back massage can take between 30 minutes to an hour. On the 1st treatment you need to add at least half an hour on to this to allow time for a consultation, which is free. These are guidelines, but Nicolle can easily accommodate any needs you have.


Nicolle is available for consultation & treatments at the following times:-

• Monday 9am - 9pm
Tuesday 1pm - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
at Country Store Health Food Shop by appointment only

Nicolle also conducts home visits for people who find it difficult to get to the clinic. A surcharge is made to cover the cost of fuel &
time to get to you. She can accomodate home massage for people in Redruth, Camborne, Penzance, Helston & Truro areas. Please call for details

Nicolle regularly visits a nursing home to help elderly people, easing aches & pains, improving cirulation, easing symptoms like anxiety that are related to dementia. Part of Nicolle's role is to provide some of the residents' palliative care, helping to bring about peace, comfort, reassurance & acceptance as part of their ongoing treatment care plan.



It is advisable to take note of the following:

-Bathe before attending a treatment
-Avoid alcohol before a treatment
-Avoid eating large meals an hour before you attend.
-Allow I hour after rigorous exercise, saunas or jacuzzis
-Avoid sunbathing for 12 hours after a treatment
-Drink plenty of water afterwards, & avoid alcohol for at least 3 hours.
-Avoid bathing or showering for at least 5 hours after a massage to soak up the goodness of the oils.
-Allow time out to relax afterwards. Massage can make you feel sleepy. Therefore avoid any long drives or operating machinery after a treatment. ©2002