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HEALTH INFO - Psoriasis


Usually, our top layer of skin sheds as new layers come through. However, people who suffer with psoriasis shed their top layer more slowly and so as the new layers come through, it manifests as scaly skin.

As this is a condition often brought about by physical or mental stress or anxiety, treating the condition is difficult unless you treat the cause of the stress/anxiety too. Which is why medicine does not work as it is only treating the symptoms.

Hopefully you will be able to mix and match some of the following points, incorporating them into your life, addressing both the causes and symptoms. Remember you do not have to do all these; play around with some and see what works for you. Most importantly, one little step is better than nothing at all; so rather than do too much and then give up, try doing a little at a time until it becomes part of your routine.
Good luck…….

-Try slightly moistened oatmeal and rub into the affected areas to encourage a gentle exfoliation once a week.

-Drink plenty of water; ideally 3-5 pints a day, but anything is better than nothing. Try it hot with honey/lemon. There are also plenty of flavoured waters on the market which are appetising.

-Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices each day.

-Avoiding tea, coffee (i.e. caffeine), alcohol, red meat and processed foods as much as possible will help.

-Eat 5-6 portions of fresh fruit or vegetables each day.

-Some people find food supplements useful. Talk to your local health food shop or nutritionist to see if you are getting enough zinc, vitamins C, B complex & E. Evening Primrose Oil has been helpful for some too.

-Bach flower remedies have been useful in the past, especially Crab Apple.

-Homeopathy is another similar therapy which addresses the individual's needs. Contact your local qualified homeopathic practitioner for details.

-Ensure you get plenty of sunshine

-Allow time out to relax and do nothing or as little as possible. Lie in the sun, read a book, lie in a quiet dark room, listen to music at least once a week, if not more often. You need to recharge your batteries!

-Get some therapy!! Massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, counselling, singing, beat up an old pillow, shout, scream and swear if you need to. All help different people to get rid of pent up tension. Find what suits you and get some.

-Bergamot, geranium, cedarwood atlas, lavender, carrot, evening primrose oil, jojoba, macademia nut oil, and wheatgerm are all oils which can help ease symptoms. Although it is recommended that you consult a qualified aromatherapist to prescribe a blend suited to your needs, especially as there may be other oils useful in addressing causes of the psoriasis.

The advice included on this site is not meant to replace any medicine or treatment you are receiving through your doctor, if you have any queries or concerns including compatibility with current treatment/medication, please contact us or speak to your GP ©2002

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