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What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is the manipulation of your body to enhance wellbeing. Historically massage dates back thousands of years, what could be more natural than the touch of another to soothe you?

Nicolle integrates many styles of massage to ensure you receive the right treatment to address your needs, including; No Hands Massage developed and pioneered by Gerry Pyves therapeutic style of massage, classical massage (pioneered by Per Hendrick Ling in the 18th century), acupressure and Tui Na (forms of Chinese healing) Nicolle ensures you are treated holistically; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

It is well docuented that massage boosts immunity, enhances well being and relaxes the recipient.
If you are relaxed and healthy you work more efficiently and are less likely to take time off sick. We address back problems and stress levels that may be caused by the work environment and aim to help create a happier healthier more cohesive staff team.
If you would like Nicolle to come to your establishment and offer on site massage please contact her to discuss prices and arrangements to see how she can help reduce staff sickness and make a positive difference to your establishment.

* calming * relaxing * stimulating * invigorating*

  Massage can also:

reduce anxiety, stress, tension, fear, & shock

lower high blood pressure

offer pain relief & improve sleep patterns

improve circulation, helping warm cold extremities, & expelling toxins which build up in the body

improve muscle tone,and is especially useful before and after sport or a long drive; as it helps warm muscles, reducing spasms, tiredness, stiffness & tension.

ease stomach problems, especially if they are stress induced, & improves breathing

enhance healing or convalescence by boosting the immune system.

Often if we are feeling emotionally run down, we become prone to illness. Massage can counteract negative emotions, or strengthen your state of mind. Therefore a positive mental state further boosts your immune system, further enhancing your wellbeing.

The oils used in massage have therapeutic properties. Many have beneficial vitamins & minerals which are absorbed through the skin.

In fact 60% of whatever you apply to yourself is absorbed through the skin.

The oils used can also help ease some skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis, irritation, stretchmarks, wrinkles, burns, & scar tissue. Others help break down bad cholesterol or combat rheumatism & depression. Creams are available if preferable. Nicolle will be happy to advise you as to your specific requirements.

Most importantly, massage gives you permission to take quality time out, helping you relax, revitalise, re-energise, & rebalance……….or, take a deeper journey to help you heal yourself.

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