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Headaches are a pain hard to ignore. There are many reasons why you suffer with them, & usually it is something as simple as tension, stress, dehydration, or diet. However, if you have concerns, or they continue after you have tried the following tips, please consult your GP for further help.

There are a number of things that are worth considering. Try the easiest first, & always try any changes every day for at least 3 weeks to see if it will make a difference:

1. Drink 3-5 pints a day of water, dehydration is a common cause of headaches. See my water info page to help:

2. Consider foods that may cause or worsen your condition. Cut them out for 3 weeks then reintroduce them 1 food per week to see if there are any triggers. Foods to consider are

chocolate, sugar (check labels on foods you buy for hidden sugars), caffeine, alcohol (esp. red wine), cheese, bread, cereals but other foods may be a trigger too, especially processed/junk food.

3. are you on any medication? check for side effects.

4. menopausal women can suffer with headaches as their oestrogen levels deplete. Oestrogenic foods such as fennel, soya can help

5. Crash diets can cause headaches. Please consult a qualified dietician or nutritionist for advice.

6. Perfume, cigarette smoke, & hazardous chemicals can cause headaches. See this page for more details:

7. Constipation is another cause. Again, make sure you are well hydrated, & if necessary feel free to call for advice or see a qualified health practitioner for advice & support plan, possibly treatment if needed. Massage, acupressure & acupuncture can be very beneficial.

8. Fish oils can reduce severity & number of attacks. See your local health food shop or nutritionist for details.

9. Hangovers, allergies, eye problems (do you need a test?), high blood pressure (get a test with your GP), stress, hypoglycaemia, poor posture, high protein/low carb diet all can cause headaches.

Really you need to question which of these is likely to be contributing to your headaches....there may be more than one culprit.......then take action.

You may need to seek the advice /support of a health professional to help you get to the bottom of this.

Peppermint, lavender & neroli essential oils can help. Just pop a few drops on a tissue & inhale.

If you need to email me or call me for further help, please feel free. I am not qualified to diagnose or cure. Please feel free to get a second opinion from another GP.

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