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My Green Policy

What I have achieved so far:

-Use Chess communications for telecommunications & broadband.

-Use Good Energy for home based office electricity.

-Turn off policy.

-Home working policy except when I have appointments. Appointment system & time management used to minimise trips to clients & clinic.

-Use fair trade or organic beverages as well as homegrown
(organically grown) herbs for herbal teas seasonally.

-Use filtered water as opposed to vending or bottled water. Also use steel bottles filled with filtered water for mobile use.

-Use water butts for watering herbs & kitchen garden.

-Use high level of insulation for home office.

-Re-use all paper on both sides.

-Use recycled paper to print.

-Use e-billing wherever possible.

-Recycle all paper (including couch roll), card, plastic bottles &
glass, metals etc.

-Green Stationary is our main stationary supplier.

-Recycled jiffy bags used for parcels.

-Ecover cleaning products used in clinic & home office.

-100% natural soaps & toiletries used in clinic & home office.

-Has own range of hand-blended 100% natural products which are organic, organicaly grown or wild picked sustainably wherever possible.

-For products I use glass bottles/jars with aluminum caps (as
opposed to plastic) wherever possible. The glass bottles & jars
have a varying % of recycled glass.

-I use paper labels for my products.

-I use paper not plastic based packaging tape for my parcels. ©2002