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Fibromyalgia (FM) is inflammation of the muscles & connective tissue like tendons & ligaments. Although it moves around the body, it tends to be worst in the back, causing pain, stiffness, lack of energy & general feelings of being unwell.

Although the cause has not been found, & no cures either, there are a number of measures you can take to reduce pain & improve the quality of your health.

Try some of these, & stick with them for at least 3 months (although some people feel a difference sooner):

-take a malic acid supplement (found in apples) in conjunction with:

-Co-enzyme Q10

-gingko biloba ask your health food shop for correct dosage

(source Gillian McKeith)

-try a detox diet with lots of raw foods & green juices. (source Gillian McKeith)

-try managing pain by taking SaMe or to give its full name;
S-adenosylmethionine, (pronounced sammy) which is an anti-inflammatory & analgesic. See your health food shop for details. (source Gillian McKeith).

-another way to help manage your pain & aid detoxification is to book in for regular, relaxing bodywork treatments like deep tissue massage & hot/cold stone therapy. These treatments used in conjunction with the correct essential oils can provide terrific relief.

-use aromatherapy oils at home: petitgrain, frankincense, ylang ylang, & Chamomile, as well as detoxifying juniper, cypress & fennel can help. Use them in your bath, or as a moisturiser each day after your bath or shower. I have used these both in my practice & as prescribed blends for clients to take away & use at home as part of their ongoing care plan. Please contact me for my fibro-blend.

-eat oily fish about 3 times a week, or take a good quality fish oil supplement to ease pain & reduce inflammation. (source WDDTY)

-some people find taking echinacea & magnesium supplements help. (source WDDTY)

-turmeric & pineapple are anti-inflammatory foods which may be useful. For more details of anti-inflammatory diets, read the chapter on inflammation in The Food Doctor by Vicki Edgson & Ian Marber.

-Meadowsweet infusions can offer some pain relief & ease inflammation. See your qualified herbalist or local health food shop for details.

-avoid allergens in food, domestic products toiletries etc. See & click on fact sheet about toxic toiletries for more info.

-some people find swimming therapeutic exercise, but this is not suitable for all people with FM. Try it & see.

-suggested further reading:

LIVING WITH FIBROMYALGIA by Christine Craggs-Hinton


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