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Over the past months I've watched with awe & a shake of my head as the hardcore surfers amongst you brave the waves over the colder months & endure ice cream headaches to catch that ultimate ride...wasn't it huge in February!

As the summer kicks in though, so our beaches become a hive of activity for more fair-weather surfers from near & far. It becomes a completely different sport as your warmer muscles allow you to get that optimum performance.

That's why I've collaborated with Simon Minchin, an experienced surfer who studies "Surf Science" at Cornwall College, to help you get the most out of your, beer 'n' fags don't really help, but they may quell your inhibitions if a swell is on.


The following points are aimed to increase your bodyheat, circulation, stamina, & suppleness as well as a few safety tips, to help you peak your ability to enjoy your surf to the max for longer!


-Drink 3-6 pints of water a day; it helps lubricate your joints, flush out toxins sitting in your joints & muscles, like uric acid, & prevent dehydration caused by the salt water & heat. The less congested your muscles, the more efficient they are.

-Warm up before going in the water, even on hot days. Try some stretches:

•  stand on 2 feet; raise one leg behind you & clasp raised ankle to your buttock. Tip pelvis back & push raised knee towards floor to maximise stretch. Hold for 10secs & repeat 3-5 times each side. This warms your quads

•  Place 1 foot in front of the other & lean hands on thigh. Push upper body into the stretch by lowering your torso to the ground to stretch your hams. Repeat each side 3-5 times

•  Circle your feet 10 times in each direction

•  Circle your hands & then your arms, 10 times in each direction

•  Gently tilt your head back, then forth 3 times, then gently look from left to right slowly 3 times.

•  Place your hands on your hips & gently twist to look over each shoulder 3 times.

•  Shake all over from top to toe

•  If you really want to go for gold, try some yoga or pilates stretches. Local classes are at the Wellbeing Centre in Illogan, Carn Brea Leisure Centre & Porthtowan Village Hall. 10 to 20 sun salutations or pilates roll downs will limber up your whole body so its ready to rock!

•  If you haven't got time for all this, at least run down to the beach to warm up as many muscles going & get your heart pumping for action.

-remember to warm down afterwards to prevent pulling muscles. It's just as important as warming up.

-if you fancy a lazier way of warming up, or need extra help, try mixing up a bottle of 50ml sweet almond oil & adding 25 drops each of black pepper & ginger oil, or for a ready made, 100% natural Muscle Rub, that biodegrades naturally & is not harmful to your environment. These combos are useful for injuries too.

-Another lazy way of warming up is to get someone else to do it for you; how about a massage? Some beaches have therapists on the beach who can help you with this. Contact The Little Massage Clinic for more detials: 01209 711686

-to maintain the best body stamina between surfs, lots of swimming at different rates is best to keep you peaking.

-Eat Grade A protein 2-3 times a week, like mackerel, salmon, herring, kippers, sardines, chicken, eggs & turkey to give your body the best building blocks possible to build strong muscles & bones. Vegans can combine nuts, seeds, pulses & grains to optimize their protein intake.

-Eat 7-9 portions of fresh fruit & vegetables a day. This will ensure you get a cross section of nutrients you ensure you stay fit & healthy. If this is difficult, try smoothies or juices for convenience.

-for energy, avoid white processed flour, rice & pasta, & go for wholefood brown bread, rice & pasta for longer-lasting slow release energy.

-Go one better & cut out wheat altogether; it takes more energy to digest it than you get out of you end up going into the red with your stamina. Try oatcakes, ricecakes, corncakes, & Ryvitas to get a more rounded variety of easier to digest grains in your diet. Corn or bulgar wheat pasta is better too.

-best to avoid sugar too; opt for smoothies to get a slower release energy that won't wipe you out. Bananas are a great food for slow release energy.

-leave ½ an hour before & after your surf before eating, to avoid cramps.

-remember to sun block up, even in the winter months to prevent red faces & more importantly melanoma! Try a fully natural sun lotion that is better for you & the ocean.

-most heat loss occurs through the head, so its wise to get a cap for the colder months. You may feel it restricts your view, but your warmer body will perform more fluidly.

-ear plugs are a cool idea too.

-be aware of getting tired. Your bodysuit can keep in the cold much like a fridge, so if you can't paddle & feel drowsy get out & warm up to prevent hypothermia setting in.

-warm drinks after a cold surf is a good idea, so take a flask or something hot to warm yer cockles!


Have fun & be well,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., EMBODY, A.C. Registered

Holistic Health Therapist & Practice Manager

The Little Massage Clinic

Tel: 01209 711686


DISCLAIMER: we do not diagnose or guarantee cures. We aim to help people make informed choices about their health. Any changes in lifestyle, diet, mediation, supplementation or remedies, should be taken with your G.P.'s or health professional's support.



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