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The Little Medicine Chest - Summer MOT 06/06

Hello, & our warmest welcome yet to your monthly Little Medicine Chest.

The weather is warming up & smiles seem to light our faces up more readily with long balmy days & bags more energy. We all want to look & feel our best on the beach or on holiday, so how about I give you some top tips on how to get body smart & body beautiful, naturally.


Beauty shines from the inside out, so addressing what goes on inside your body & mind is a great place to start.

-Oil your engine by drinking 3-5 pints of water a day. Herbal teas count too; I've been snipping the tops off my rosemary bush & making hot infusions to make a refreshing cuppa. Rosemary is great for reducing stress & tension in the head, as well as toning your liver, so is an excellent aid to detox-ing.

-Put the right fuel in by eating 7-9 portions of fresh fruit & vegetables a day. The latest research says we should surpass the usual recommended 5 day, & up it to these proportions. Eating it raw & as fresh as possible is best.

-Give your mind an M.O.T., & rid yourself of negative self talk. You know the wee gremlin who sometimes reinforces negative views about ourselves. Forgive yourself, giving yourself allowances for being human, learn lessons & move on. Forgive others too. This is an extremely empowering & freeing experience. Should you need a helping hand, Dr Phillip C. McGraw who appears regularly on Oprah has some great self help books including: Life Strategies, Stop Making Excuses. Sometimes a little professional help is useful. If so, find out what you need & book in to see a recommended therapist.

-Give your emotions a service. Some people make themselves unhappy because they look for things they can't have or haven't got. Sometimes we don't take the time to acknowledge & appreciate what we've got. Happiness is often a product of the mind, attitude & thought. It comes from you not to you. Look no further than the end of your bumper to find other words to be happy, simply think happy....& kick-start a happy chemical reaction that will boost your immunity, increase wellbeing & make you a nicer person to be around.

Now that we've sorted out the twinkle in your headlight's eye, let's address the maintenance stuff:

-Tune your engine with some exercise; find something you like doing & book in to do it regularly.

-buff up your shine with some exfoliation:


Mix together some natural yogurt, sugar, & oatmeal & scrub your face & body. We offer a great service to Exfoliate, Moisteurise & Massage your back which is often hard to reach & neglected.

look after your absorbs about 60% of what you apply to it. You wouldn't eat parabens, titanium & other chemicals found in body products, so why allow your skin to absorb them & clog up your pistons? There are lots of natural & organic goodies on the market these days; check out these websites for great ranges of totally natural loving n living for your body: *

these are based in Cornwall & all are 100% natural!

Try * for a fab range of ethical goodies.

-Wax up your bodywork by factoring up sensibly to enjoy the sun for longer. Use a minimum of factor 15 (22 for kids). Many companies won't stock below this factor as they realise it is the minimum protection we should wear. However total protection of 22 is the best protection. See the above websites* for supplies.

-keep flies off your windscreen by applying citronella oil strategically all over your chassis. Geranium & neem oil repels mozzies.

-Use ti-tree & lavender oils to apply to bites & stings. This can reduce itching & prevent infection.

-Use 20 drops of lavender in 50mls of olive oil after a day in the sun. It soothes sunburn, & the natural antioxidants in olive oil can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

-Avoid the sun at its zenith between 11am & 3pm, opting for shade or loose clothing to cover up.

Now rev up your engine & cruise through the summer a happier, healthier vehicle..


...& feel free to write to us at the following addresses if you have any specific health queries you would like us to tackle & publish in our Little Medicine Chest Post Box.

Next month I will be talking about how to improve pregnancy for you & bump naturally.

Meantime, have fun & be well,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., EMBODY, A.C. Registered

Holistic Health Therapist & Practice Manager


Thought for the month : "It is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you're attempting can't be done." Terry Pratchett

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