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What's new with TLC - 11/06

- Intro
- MAGIC WANDS ~ new range
- Open Day & Celebration
- Kobashi oils
- Your feedback
- Product Focus
- Sustainable Oils ~ Cedarwood & Sandalwood
- Outro


A very warm hello from Nicolle & TLC in a Bottle.
A lot has been going on globally as well as locally since my last newsletter. At last even Tony Blair seems to be hearing the wake up call our glorious planet has been sending out for generations!

There are lots of good signs that the tide is turning for the better; even B&Q are selling solar & wind power systems. I feel we still need to up doing our little bits, goodness knows I've still got a long list of all I can do to reduce my carbon footprint. What with all the dilemmas along the way of what is the best decision to make when making a lifestyle change or buying a product that is better for our environment. I am glad the range of low energy light-bulbs has improved too. I suppose we simply have to listen to our hearts & heads & make the best decision at the time based on all the knowledge we have at our disposal. I keep coming back to the simple motto: RE-USE, REDUCE, RECYCLE. It keeps it simple for me, although where possible I re-use to minimise using more resources.

I have moved my second practice to Half Moon Salon on the Porthtowan beach about 5 minutes walk from home, which is a great outlet for TLC in a Bottle as well as the many other beautiful natural goodies which I stock. It is an exquisite little salon, where Hifumi the owner, has made me most welcome. Hifumi is a very talented & exclusive Japanese hairdresser who gives a mean Japanese head massage after your haircut! I love the sunset view on Friday evenings as I wind down for the weekend.

When I have a light load it means I can walk to work, & walk back for a spot of lunch & walk my dog Meester Spud round the cliffs. I am still also based at the Penventon Hotel, where I now have a TLC collection service for local customers.

My partner & I also have an allotment now growing organic veggies. It cost a lot to get it going, dreaded couch grass & plantain everywhere. It's taking shape now & has saved us about £20 a week in groceries. I have also found out that couch grass is useful for rheumatism & gout, & plantain for coughs, especially for mucous. So we have an understanding with these plants, especially the latter which has come in most useful in treating a very wet cold I have had in the past week.


My TLC range has now gone pink, a lot of the more popular products have new look labels to match. This all finally came together this October. The website is also the same shade of blushing pink. More of TLC's bottle tops are aluminium rather than plastic which I feel is more sustainable.

Although my glassware is recyclable, I would still like to source more sustainable receptacles & also more eco-friendly labelling. So if anyone knows of some suitable contacts I'd love to hear from you.


This is a new range of mood enhancers & handy roll-ons, which fit snugly into pockets or handbags to use when you need them the most.

Great Christmas prezzies & stocking fillers & a bargain at £5.95 each, & easy on your conscience too. Some of the wands are old favourites,, e.g.

Buzz Off! was "No Flies On Me!"

Sunny Spells was "Sunshine"

Brave 'n' Bold was "Rescue"

& a newcomer to the range is Peaceful Heart , which can bring about peace & calm. See Product Focus for more details

Open Day & Celebration

So to celebrate the new look TLC, I am having an open day at Half Moon Salon, in my village. This will be on Sunday 3 rd December from 11am to 3pm, & will include a raffle, fruit punch (with a twist for adults who fancy it) & special offers & discounts for those who wish to indulge in one of my lovely body treatments. So if you are in the area, do come along & indulge in a day by Porthtowan Beach & pick up some TLC while you're here.

Kobashi oils

I have been phasing out Meadows essential oils & introducing Kobashi's quality range instead. This was prompted by Meadows simply dropping off the planet...I don't know the story, but it prompted me to look for an alternative supplier of oils. Over the years I have used Kobashi, but upon closer inspection I have been most impressed with the quality of their oils, which are mostly organic, organically farmed, wild picked sustainably or naturally farmed. They test all their oils to 1 part in a trillion for nasties like pesticides & insecticides, so even if they are not certified organic, they often exceed organic standards. For example, the Soil Association do allow the use of some restricted chemicals if nothing else works, & it costs money to register with them. So Kobashi stringently test their supplies with a view to keeping price down; & ultimately I can pass that quality & affordability on to you.


Firstly, a BIG THANKYOU to those customers who take the time to let me know when a glitch occurs on my has been a tremendous help in resolving problems quickly.

Secondly, I have been placing an advert in one of my fave magazines, Organic Life (my other fave mag being Ode) & getting a good response, although for those who are not connected to tinternet, it would seem that I may need to consider making my TLC leaflet more comprehensive again. However, if there is ever anything that a customer wants, where possible I will make it or source always feel free to ask...& check out my NEW online Unique Blending Service, which means you can have a cream or lotion blended especially for you or someone you love who needs a little extra TLC.

Product Focus

Today the focus is on a new item Peaceful Heart which is in my NEW Magic Wand range.
It is a handy wee roll-on mood enhancer which can bring about feelings of inner peace, calm & help ease grief, as well as as de-stress.
As usual it is 100% natural, 98% organic & smells divine with essential oils of rose, frankincense & benzoin to help someone work though some tough emotions. The recipe for this came about this year when I wanted to let some people close to me, who had been through a very rough time, that they were thought of, loved & that I was there for them when they were ready. Until they were ready, they could use the wee roll-on for reassurance & comfort...sometimes, the cuddles need to come later.

Simply apply Peaceful Heart to acupressure points on the indentations of your temples, inside your wrists & anti-clockwise into your solar plexus (the hollow bit below your sternum) & on the soles of your feet for the best results. Do this as many times a day as you feel necessary. Use daily for 3 weeks & break for a week. Continue this 4 weekly cycle until you feel a better version of yourself.

Check the other Magic Wands like Calming Elven Lull ideal for those who get wound up & cannot slow down, or Focus~Pocus link which can help you through an exam or presentation.

Sustainable Oils

As you may already be aware, I do not stock rosewood or sandalwood oils as they are not sustainable. In the late summer, one of my suppliers informed me by way of their monthly newsletter that Cedarwood (Cedrus Atlantica) is no longer sustainable. However, the Himalayan Cedarwood (Cedarwood deodora) is still harvested ethically & sustainably & its chemical composition is so similar that many of the medicinal qualities are the same. This is great news as I use this oil a lot in my practice, not to mention in my Snowflakes cream & oil for problem skin & scalps, & Close Shave , TLC's shaving oil & aftershave all in one. I have been using it in my bodywork, & it has a cleaner, higher, green smell than the previous cedarwood. I love it, it is such a grounding oil with a multitude of healing properties.

I have also been keeping my ear to the ground about sandalwood. I had heard opposing stories that Australian sandalwood was ethically farmed, so decided to err on the side of caution & listen out for further news before I decided to use it again. It's my absolute favorite oil, so you can imagine how gutted I was when I discovered it was endangered. Anyway as time unravelled, my suspicions were deemed correct by ethical suppliers of sandalwood who have also refused to stock it. This remains so with Essentailly Oils (E.O.) one of my suppliers..good on them for having the courage to go with their conscience. However the same lovely folk at E.O. also inform me that lots of research is underway in Australia about how they can farm these amazing trees that take 30-50 years to reach a maturity before you can obtain oil from them. So watch this space..maybe it will be an oil our children can enjoy in the future, & maybe I can too before my time is done. Meantime, I have a very old bottle, which has just a few precious drops, which I use very frugally. Although sandalwood is an oil that can keep very well for a number of years in the right conditions, it is getting to the stage where it can't keep much longer...maybe I should enjoy one last bath some time soon...ahhh!


Now I'm off to the allotment to pick some curly kale & ruby chard (top scrumminess!), oh yeah, & get up to the top of my wellies in rich horse poo to dig back into the ground which fed us so well all summer & autumn. Happy as a pig in it!

Keep loving yourself & your planet, & have fun too,

Nicolle J x



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