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Hi friends & neighbours!

A change in the scheduled article for this changes are afoot.

I am moving my practice based at the Palms to Hifumi's new Half Moon Hair Salon by the beach on the 7 July. There are special offers up for grabs; check out the advert in this issue to qualify for one of them.

However, on top of this exciting move which means I will be able to walk to work more often (hooray!), I have qualified in a fab new treatment called La Stone Therapy, otherwise known as hot & cold stone massage. This deeply relaxing treatment was previously only available in Penzance, Falmouth or Bodmin, but now you can enjoy the experience on your own doorstep.

So what is hot & cold stone massage? Well, the treatment involves placing hot & cold stones around the body, which then uses the body's natural response to hot & cold to bring about balance. So, if you have an inflamed knee or lower back, I would place cold stones to help reduce the inflammation, combined with anti-inflammatory essential oils like lavender, or chamomile massaged into your muscles using cool marble stones to soothe you further. And on the other hand, any cool spots will be heated using warm basalt stones, heated to just the right temperature, in the same way.

The warmth of the stones starts to relax your muscles more quickly, opening your pores so they become more receptive to the full power of the essential oils' medicinal benefits. Having received the experience myself, & treating nearly all my regular clients to a taster of this wonderful experience, we all seem to be in agreement..this is one of the most deeply relaxing you will ever have.

So if you are a stressed bunny, & need some TLC to help you slip into bliss, pop into Half Moon on a Friday, or call me on 01209 711686 & remember, to quote "HALF PRICE IS TWICE AS NICE!" for your special offer.

Finally, TLC comes to your doorstep. Hifumi has very kindly agreed to stock some of my very own TLC in a Bottle range of 100% natural Health & Beauty products in her new salon. This is an exclusive range of ethical goodies which can address all manner of health & beauty issues, at very reasonable prices. All items are hand made in small batches to ensure quality & freshness, & if you can't find a product or remedy to suit your needs, then part of the service I offer is to blend a unique, potion or lotion especially to suit your requirements. Here is my ode to your good health:

Cold sore tingles?

Are you getting over shingles?

Annoying athlete's feet?

Or do your toes not smell so sweet?

Spots or pimples?

Trying to reduce wrinkles?

Sniffles n sneezles,

Coughs or wheezles?

Full of slimy snot?

Have you got a teasy tot?

Aches 'n' pains,

Shin splints 'n' sprains.

Don't despair

We sell TLC here

We've wands & creams

To sweeten your dreams

Calming balms

Soothing sprays

Bath oils to smooth your cares away

& because we love you & our planet so much

our bathtime goodies are made as such

with only natural yumminess

and added loving, healthy scrumminess.

"T.L.C. in a Bottle.

.love you, love your family, love your planet."

Meantime, have fun in the sun & be well,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., EMBODY, A.C. Registered

Holistic Health Therapist & Practice Manager


TEL: 01209 711686



THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH: "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." T. S. Elliot

DISCLAIMER: we do not diagnose or guarantee cures. We aim to help people make informed choices about their health. Any changes in lifestyle, diet, mediation, supplementation or remedies, should be taken with your G.P.'s or health professional's support.






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