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TLC IN A COLUMN - Boost your Immune System 09/06

Hi friends & neighbours!

Well what a summer we have had, & it's not over yet! However, I thought I would give you a few tips on how to tune your engine to prepare for the winter journey. After all you put antifreeze in your car, especially after last year's particularly cold snaps. So, how about tweaking the motor that is you naturally to minimise the risk of sneezles n wheezles.

•  Eat plenty of onions & garlic. These superfoods boost your immune system's performance naturally & taste great too. Be careful not to overcook them though, as this can destroy the benefits you will gain.

•  Eat plenty of fresh fruit & veg daily. Latest research shows that women need 7 portions & men 9, so while 5 portions is a good start, these new figures are a better guide.

•  Start taking Echinacea now. This helps boost your immunity, & if you do go down with a nasty, you are more likely to get over it more quickly. Try A. Vogels Echinaforce liquid tincture, which is the best because it is easily absorbed into your engine. Available in good health food shops.

•  Avoid knocks your immune system down to 60% efficiency. So read the label on everything you haven't made yourself. You can usually get sugar free healthier alternatives form your local health food shop, e.g. country Store, Bond St, Redruth or ask Linda n Graeme if they would mind stocking the item in their sumptuous deli.

•  If you smoke, try taking 25mg of vitamin C per fag to help combat your compromised immune system. E.g. if you smoke 10 tabs a day, you would need to take 250mg which is ¼ of a level teaspoon of powdered vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The powdered version is best because it is easily absorbed & is available from good health food shops like Country Store, Bond St, Redruth. Do not take more than you need to avoid side effects like diarrhoea.

•  Drink a large cup of hot water with 1 spoon each of honey (I use manuka honey) & cider vinegar every morning. This is a super cleansing remedy that will supercharge you immune system.

•  Add to this some fresh root ginger to get your circulation moving & warm your toes, nourishing your body naturally. Further more add a slice of lemon if you fancy.

•  Burn essential oils in your home. All of them are antiseptic, & tea tree is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral. I particularly also recommend lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, ravensara (which is great for kids too!) rosemary & thyme. You can also use these in your bath or pop a few drops on a tissue. See my website: or give me a shout for supplies.

•  Massage, acupuncture, Hopi ear candling, & other therapies boost your immunity as well as toning other systems in your body to help it perform at its best. Such treatments also give your body time to rest, when it does its main self-repair. Look up a good therapist in your Yellow Pages or even better seek a personal recommendation.

•  Ensure you get enough deep sleep; again this is the time your body does most of it's repair work.

•  A hot cup of water with a few sprigs of rosemary, sage or thyme will rev you up too.

•  Having a positive disposition helps. Feelings of negativity, despondency & despair compromise your immunity. If you are low, listen to your heart & imagine breathing through it. Then think of a happy memory, a loved one, or something you feel grateful for. This brings about a wonderful sense of wellbeing, which will boost you physically & mentally.

•  Exercise regularly or walk more often. If you are pushed for time, stick your favourite music on & do the housework whilst jiving around your living room....or just jive around your living room.

•  ..and finally...drink plenty of water. Your blood gets thick & sticky if you don't drink enough, which means all your nutrients & toxins don't get to where they are needed, to keep you in tip-top condition. Drinking 3-5 pints a day (without added tea, coffee or brandy), & match every cuppa or alcoholic drink with a drink of water over & above this amount to keep your wheels well oiled.

Next month I will give you some remedies in case any of those little monsters do get through your defences & you need some TLC to help you fell a little better.

Until then, enjoy the beautiful September starry skies, & the last few BBQs on the beach .

Have fun & be well,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., EMBODY, A.C. Registered

Holistic Health Therapist & Practice Manager



TEL: 01209 711686



THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH: "If we do not change direction, we are likely to end up exactly where we are headed." Chinese Proverb

DISCLAIMER: we do not diagnose or guarantee cures. We aim to help people make informed choices about their health. Any changes in lifestyle, diet, mediation, supplementation or remedies, should be taken with your G.P.'s or health professional's support.


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