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After a particularly long winter, craving the sun, many people are streaming, sneezing, itching & twitching, suffering from hay fever.
It is debilitating to have & awful to see in those you care about. People suffer at different times of the year depending on what pollen they are allergic to.
It affects 15-20% of the population & is caused by your immune system responding to pollen as if it were an enemy.
I myself suffer with varying degrees of a mild version, especially when rapeseed is in fill bloom, but have managed to restrain the conditions & enjoy the summer sun by taking some easy advice.

You too can defend yourself naturally.
Some people can completely overthrow this condition, or significantly reduce their symptoms by following a few simple steps. Try some of these for size to help your shift your health in the right direction & make you feel on fighting form once more.

•  Try A. Vogel's (previously Bioforce) Luffa Complex, available in all good health food stores. This is probably one of the most instantaneous forms of natural relief I have found, & for only around the cost of a prescription. Take this tincture as prescribed in a little water, and feel the improvements in about 20-30 minutes. You may take it as prescribed, but I just take it when I feel the need & some years I take it more often than others. Those with more severe symptoms may need to take it more often.

•  Try seeing a homeopath. This may cost more, but has had very effective results with many clients I have referred on to homeopaths. They will take a detailed case history & prescribe a special remedy to suit your constitution exactly. However, if you want to D.I.Y, then try Allium cepa which is useful if you have sneezes & a pouring nose. Nux vomica is better for sneezing which is worse in the mornings. Arsen Alb can help sneezing where you also have an itchy, runny nose. Euphrasia may good for watery eyes, tickly throat & headaches. Pulsatilla can help with burning itchy eyes, sore throat & blocked nose.

•  Good old essential oils can help ease some symptoms. You can inhale them on a tissue, pop them in your bath, use as a moisturiser after a bath or shower, or burn them in an electric burner at night. Whatever method suits you best, these oils can help reduce inflamed tissues, ease irritation clear your nose, throat & head & soothe a tight chest.

2 drops each of Roman Chamomile with lavender in a burner can help oodles.

If you have a blocked nose, try burning frankincense & benzoin in an electric diffuser, like the Aromastream, at night, or eucalyptus & ravensara, during the day. Ravensara is also safe to use with babies & young children.

Melissa is known for its antihistamine properties.

SAFETY NOTE: If you are pregnant, or have epilepsy, do consult your aromatherapist before administering essential oils.

•  Try eating a local honey. Go for the closest you can obtain to your locality. This is available from your local beekeeper, farm shop or health food store. Honey can help during the season, but it is better if you start taking a daily dose long before the season starts for best results.

•  Herbal remedies such as elderflower, plantain, ground ivy & nettle can help..see your local herbalist or health food shop for advice. Nettle tea can provide relief for some...and it's free. Use some scissors to snip the tops off into a bag, basket or straight into a mug, & pour hot water over them. This neutralises the sting & makes a refreshing cuppa that also tones your liver.

•  Wear sunglasses when outside to reduce the onslaught.

•  Keep windows & doors shut when the pollen count is high, especially at night when the warm air rises & lifts the pollen.

•  Avoid stressful situations where possible, as stress can compromise your immunity & make symptoms worse.

•  Avoid smoky enclosed spaces.

• Avoid dairy, wheat, eggs & bananas while you are congested or snotty, as these are mucous forming foods which may add to your symptoms while you are at your worst.

• Eat lost of fresh fruit & veg, to keep your immune system strong, 7-9 portions a day is best. Organic is preferable because it is less likely to be tainted with pesticides & insecticides, which compromise your immunity.

• Avoid dusty or damp atmospheres.

• Use an allergy free duvet, pillow & mattress.

• Regularly find times to relax..& if you want to combine this with a treatment that may help ease your symptoms, how about trying some of the following treatments:

-Aromatherapy Cold Stone facial with acupoint therapy to unblock sinuses, soothe your face & cool your head.

-Indian Head Massage with essential oils to help you breathe more easily & boost your immunity.

-Hopi Ear Candling with aromatherapy oils & soothing acupoint massage to ease symptoms aid relaxation & help clear your nose & throat.

-Full body aromatherapy massage to boost immunity & address every system in your body to help it work more efficiently to throw off symptoms.

If you would like a blend of aromatherapy oils made especially for you, go to the Unique Blends page.

Check out for registered homeopaths & for natural health therapists, or for herbal practitioners in your area.

See what works for you; I find that while one medicine works for one individual, other medicines work for others. Hopefully after reading this article, more of us will be able to have fun in the sun..

.... be well,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., EMBODY, A.C. Registered

Health Therapist & Practice Manager

The Little Massage Clinic

Tel: 01209 711686




DISCLAIMER: we do not diagnose or guarantee cures. We aim to help people make informed choices about their health. Any changes in lifestyle, diet, mediation, supplementation or remedies, should be taken with your G.P.'s or health professional's support.





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