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March 08


A happy hello to you!

"Spring is sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the flowers is"

as my eloquent Grandmother & then my mother used to sing to me when I was wee..

& now I find myself passing on the same ditty with a smile on my face to my own sweet wain. Ahh spring, a time of renewal & energy.

It's energy cap'n but not as we know it..

I have one of my new clients to thank for the inspiration for this month's contribution.

Don't you just love it when you meet people whose wisdom helps you join up a few more dots in the great mystery of life, & help you understand a glimmer more of something that sits with your truth.

I read a number of years ago an interesting article, I can't remember whether it was the New Scientist or Nexus or some offbeat publication, but I was very taken with the concept they were addressing.

It was all about energy.

Now like everyone, I have some understanding about energy..kinetic is the stuff that moves things & electric is jolly handy for powering my washing machine, so my CSE physics taught me. Of course there are many more types than this, & some more subtle than others.

Anyway, back to this article. The scientists involved, wanted to illustrate how the power of thought, prayer & intent could affect water.

They took 2 bottles of identical water, & labelled one with angel & one with satan. Then they looked at the water on a cellular level & noticed that the water labelled angel had beautiful crystals, much like snowflakes in form with an intricate symmetry which was light & stunning to behold. Guess what's coming next; the other bottles crystals were dark, malformed & twisted & didn't seem to reflect light at all.

I always kept this idea in my mind though, & whenever I prepare my hand made TLC in a Bottle health & beauty goodies, I always think happy thoughts & think loving stuff as I mix & bottle them...just in case.

So I was reminded by this by a client today, who very kindly presented me with a wee coaster to set my water upon, which has a beautiful pattern on it & has words which mean crystal, clear, flowing water written on it.

She asked me if I had heard of this chap called Masaru Emoto, who has written The Hidden Messages in Water. He uses high speed photography in frozen water which reveals changes when concentrated thoughts are directed towards them.

He found that water from clear springs had been exposed to loving words & showed brilliant complex & colourful snowflake formations, whereas in contrast he found in polluted water exposed to negative thoughts formed incomplete, asymmetrical & dull formations. Not surprising really, but interesting to put into context.

Some of the most beautiful patterns came about when the water was exposed to prayer or folk music or the tango!

But one of the most touching forms, is the one that was exposed to thanks in whatever language. Conversely "you fool!" in any language was dark & chaotic, as were the photos of the water exposed to negative heavy metal music. Darn it...I do love turning up Symptom of a Down & dancing with me hoover around the house.

So imagine the implications if this is true...

..maybe certain springs & waters are healing; I'd rather imbibe a happy water than a sad one myself,

..maybe the roots of homeopathy can be found in this theory; hmmn, I'm going to mull this one over for a bit,

..what are we chucking into our water on our lovely planet to make sad water that we ingest later at some point,

..& if we are at least 70% water & someone says thankyou, imagine the impact they are having on a cellular level?

Our very being will feel bright & happy. I suppose this is all obvious, but imagine shouting at someone & the effect you are having on them. I had a prick of guilt at this thought, most notably as I do find myself barking at my dear pooch Elvis when he refuses to do as he is told. I am affecting him to his core, not so nice a thought when you think all he has been through as a rescue dog who needs more patience & compassion than I have been affording him.

So I thanked my client for helping me join up the dots a little more & for reminding me in another way, that its nice to be nice...& I'm glad that in Britain we are terribly, terribly polite whatever culture we come from.

I'm happy that my mum brought me up to say my pleases & thankyous...& I'm glad that my daughter & I had a serious chat about saying thankyou last Tuesday morning, & but not before we finished with a cuddle & a thankyou.

Thankyou for listening & a happy springtime to you all,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., CThA

Holistic Health Therapist & Practice Manager



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