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TLC IN A COLUMN - Back to School - 11/06

Greetings friends & neighbours,

I know I was going to chat to you about cleaning this month, but I thought why not save it for springtime. There are more pressing things to talk about. Like since the kids are back to school, how parents everywhere are taking up arms against playground pests & plagues. So here are some tips on how to beat them down...naturally of course!

•  Head lice & Nits:

Mix 40ml castor oil, 50ml jojoba oil with 10ml Neem oil (stinky but effective) with 10 drops each of eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary & thyme essential oils. Apply to hair; pop on a shower cap or towel, leave overnight (remember to place an old towel on your pillow). Add shampoo to dry hair in morning to emulsify oils then rinse as usual. Run a nit comb through conditioned hair. Do this last trick every week & add 2 drops of ti-tree essential oil to your conditioner as a preventative measure. Contact me for ready mixed supplies.

•  Chicken Pox:

The itching can drive wains crazy. Put 2 drops each of chamomile, lemon & lavender essential oils into a 1/3 bath of water (1 drop of each in ¼ bath for under 3s) & let them soak for 20 minutes if possible. Then pat them dry when they get out. Or, you can add a drop of each oil to a bowl of cool water, soak a flannel & apply to affected areas. You can also apply lavender oil neat to very itchy areas. You can add some 20 drops each of lavender & chamomile oils in 100ml base cream.aqueous cream will do, & apply it to any itchy spots. Make sure you consult your G.P too though.

•  Measles:

Put 2 drops each of lavender & eucalyptus in 1/3 bath of water (1 drop of each in ¼ bath for under 3s) & let them soak for 20mins. Pat dry when they get out. Again you can do 1 drop of each in a bowl & give them the cool flannel treatment. Again, remember to consult your G.P. too.

•  Warts & Verrucaes:

Cut a clove of garlic in half & rub onto the wart & cover with a plaster. Do this morning & evening & make sure you don't get it on healthy skin as it can irritate. This takes on average 9 weeks to work.

•  Worms:

Homeopathic remedy Cina 3DH is effective against pinworms, Naphthaline 3DH is effective against threadworms. See a qualified Homeopath for details.

•  Impetigo:

Thyme is very effective against this. Use an infusion & apply to affected areas. To infuse add handful of thyme & calendula flowers to soothe itchiness, & cover with water. Cover the vessel or use a cafetiere . ideal Leave to stand for 10minutes before applying. This will keep for about 3-5 days in the fridge...very soothing & antiseptic.

•  Scabies:

A preparation of essential oils from leaves of Lippia multiflora (Jamaican Sorrel or "healer herb" to you n me) applied for 5 consecutive days results in a 100% cure.

•  I want syndrome:

Of course one of the most catching bugs in the playground is when your child wants what their peers have got. What can you do; well you can try & encourage them to have the strength to be different, but I find if you ignore this simply goes away all by itself...eventually!

Next month how to warm your fingers n toes, plus a little seasonal flavour I've been working on....what do you mean it's been cancelled!!

Have fun & be well,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., EMBODY, A.C. Registered

Holistic Health Therapist & Practice Manager



TEL: 01209 711686



THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH: "it's easy to change; it's hard not to change back." The Simpsons

DISCLAIMER: we do not diagnose or guarantee cures. We aim to help people make informed choices about their health. Any changes in lifestyle, diet, mediation, supplementation or remedies, should be taken with your G.P.'s or health professional's support.



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