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The Little Medicine Chest - Aches & Pains 02/06

Hello & a warm welcome back to your Little Medicine Chest.

February can be a difficult month to get through; although the nights are getting lighter, spring & sunny days can still seem so far away with the biting winds & driving rain reminding us that winter is not over quite yet. The colder weather often means we suffer more with aches and pains. So this month we are focusing on helping you tackle those hobbly wobbly joints & gnarly muscles so by the time spring has sprung, you will have more bounce & pep in your step.

Aches & pains are caused by all sorts of things. Even arthritis can occur due to a variety of different reasons. Arthritis is the painful inflammation of bone joints, affecting bone, cartilage, blood vessels & the skin. It can also occur when cartilage in a joint becomes brittle, & loses its elasticity through wear & tear & dehydration. As you get older your body finds it harder to repair itself especially if your diet is poor.

Aches & pains in your muscles can also be caused by tension, stress, dehydration & disease. Again how we deal with this can be affected by how we look after ourselves & by what we eat & drink.

Whatever the cause, there may be some lifestyle changes you could make relatively easily, to ease or rid you of your symptoms. Try gradually integrating some of the following into your life (with the aid of your health therapist or GP). Try the easy stuff first & then move onto some other steps as you make progress.


-Drink plenty of water; it helps lubricate your joints & flush out toxins sitting in your joints & muscles, like uric acid. Try it hot with a sprig of rosemary, or chopped ginger if you don't like water, & boost your immune system too!

-Eat 2-3 portions of oily fish, like mackerel, salmon, herring, kippers & sardines.

-Eat plenty of green vegetables, salads, & pulses, like chickpeas & beans

-Eat plenty of nuts, but not peanuts.

-body repairing foods that you may like to try are as follows:

rye, porridge, milet, barley, potatoes, wholewheat, artichokes, corn, asparagus, brown rice, colza oil, sunflower seeds, parsley

-Eat plenty of sunflower, pumpkin & other seeds.

-If you have to eat bread eat wholemeal but how about opting for oatcakes, corncakes, ricecakes & ryvita as a healthy change.

-Chicken is OK too.

-Grapes, apricots & peaches are good if you suffer with achy joints, but only if they are fresh.

-Camomile tea is a good substitute for normal tea. This & other herbal teas have no caffeine in them. Try a few until you find one you like. Green tea has about 40% less caffeine, & there are coffee substitutes like chicory available. Again, you may have to try a few before you find one that suits your taste.

-Use olive oil with a glug of linseed oil for cooking & salad dressings.

-Eating ½ lb. tinned/fresh cherries a day can ease gout.

-Soya beans & foods once a fortnight can help reduce red meat intake.

-The following supplements may help, but talk to the experts in the health food shop Country Store or Sunflower Foods to find out which ones would be best for you:

*cod liver oil

*glucosomine (avoid with shell fish allergy)

*vitamin A, B complex & E to help detoxify your body

*borage (1-3gm/day for rheumatoid arthritis)

*evening primrose oil (ensure you have adequate amounts of zinc & magnesium for this oil to do its work properly)

*nectarease honey combo has helped many with joint pain

-Gentle exercise can help, e.g. swimming, yoga, tai chi, but avoid activities which put pressure on joints, e.g. lifting, walking over rough ground.

-Get the feel-good hormones going to reduce pain naturally. People find making love, dancing, and indulging in pleasurable, positive pastimes reduces pain.

-*5 drops each of ginger & black pepper essential oils in 5ml of vegetable oil can help ease tired, sore muscles

3 drops each of cypress, juniper berry & lemon essential oils can help ease arthritic conditions.

-Book yourself in for a massage, aromatherapy massage, or Bowen Technique treatment. These treatments are highly effective in helping manage pain.

-If the area feels hot (e.g. arthritis & inflamed joints), apply a cold water bottle or frozen wheat/cherry bag to the area.

-If the area is not inflamed but achy or sore, apply a hot water bottle or wheat/cherrystone bag to the area. If you apply a muscle rub or the above recipe* beforehand it is more effective.



Red meat, including pork products, processed meats, processed food, tea, coffee, dairy products, refined flour (e.g. biscuits, cakes, white bread, white pasta), sugar (check all your food labels for hidden sugars!) , chocolate, cocoa, fried foods (including stir fries), peanuts, citrus fruits, tomatoes, root vegetables, preservatives & additives, the nightshade family (aubergines, peppers, chillies, courgettes, tomatoes, potatoes), salt, meat fat.

A lot of these foods help your body make uric acid or cause your body to fight against itself, which is bad for your joints & muscles!

-If you do think you have a food sensitivity, it could be because you lack certain enzymes to break down your food efficiently. Eating raw food wherever possible may help.

-Lose weight & relieve the pressure on your poor joints. By following a healthy diet & exercising more will help, especially cutting out sugar. Get support & guidance from your GP or health therapist.


However the rest is up to you. Have a look through your old recipe books & see if they have anything in them you can copy or modify.

-Spinach & poached egg on wholemeal toast for a snack.

-Poached fish with herbs, steamed broccoli & green beans.

-Tuna salad with all your favourite ingredients, &sunflower seeds & olive oil dressing.

-Chicken stuffed with chestnut & wholemeal bread, with Yorkshire pudding (use wholemeal flour), green vegetables & potatoes roasted in olive oil & garlic, with homemade gravy.

Have fun & be well,

Nicolle Mitchell I.T.E.C., EMBODY, A.C.

Holistic Health Therapist & Practice Manager

Thought for February : "Grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the person I can, and the wisdom to know it is me." Source unknown

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DISCLAIMER: we do not diagnose or guarantee cures. We aim to help people make informed choices about their health. Any changes in lifestyle, diet, mediation, supplementation or remedies, should be taken with your G.P.'s or health professional's support.




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