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Nicolle's Deep Power Tissue Massage (DTM) combines traditional & radical techniques using her forearms, elbows & hands. DTM is ideal for loosening up tight muscles, breaking up adhesions (knots of muscle) in muscle fibres, and generally focusing on restoring and/or maintaining the full function of your muscles. It can help your muscles perform better and prevent injury. Muscle injuries will often heal more effectively with the help of deep tissue massage.

If you have a tight neck, shoulders, tight calf muscles, thighs or similar issues, or if you are recovering from an injury, several weekly sessions would be ideal. If you are fit and healthy, a monthly massage session will help you stay that way.

Many activities can cause tension & spasms which lead to a build up of adhesions; from daily computer use, driving, sports, emotional stress, physical work like carpentry, building etc or even hoovering!

Nicolle integrates many deep & effective techniques to help stretch the knotted muscles back to where they should be. In addition, Nicolle prescribes freshly blended essential oils with each treatment which can further address spasms, inflammation & pain.

You will undergo a full consultation, & home use prescriptions may recommended to help speed up recovery; e.g warming Muscle Rubs, soothing Joint Creams & heat/cool bags.

Among the many conditions that often improve with deep tissue massage are:

•  sore lower back
•  sciatic pain
•  neck/shoulder pain
•  tension headaches
•  tennis elbow or other wrist/forearm pain
•  tight calves and/or hamstrings
•  knee and other joint pain
•  tight quadriceps
•  frozen shoulder
•  bursitis
•  trapped nerve
•  repetitive strain injury (RSI)
•  carpal tunnel syndrome
•  whiplash

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