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HEALTH INFO - Irritable Bowel Syndrome


This condition can be brought about by a number of things, not least stress and anxiety. However, it can also be aggravated by a lack of water, poor diet or lack of exercise. Sometimes these days we increasingly find ourselves giving in to the demands of other pressures without giving any thought to ourselves. Hopefully the following information will help you help yourself ease this condition which can all too easily take control of our life if we let it.

The symptoms are as follows:-

-Tummy cramps
-constipation or diarrhoea
-swollen tummy
-slimy mucus in faeces
-a feeling of still needing to go to the loo

-Drink plenty of water, ideally 3-5 pints a day, but any increase will be an improvement.

-Eat a high fibre diet including lots of leafy vegetables, fruit and oatbran. Remember to eat 5-6 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

-Avoid aspirin, which destroys enzymes vital to help break down food. Undigested food can cause more problems. So read the label of any antacids you may be tempted to take.

-Massage your stomach in a clockwise direction. Castor bean oil as a base can help. To make this even more effective add some of the following essential oils to help ease cramps and encourage healthy motions:-

black pepper, chamomile, sweet marjoram, & peppermint, but be sure to consult an aromatherapist to ensure which oils are safe for you to use and in what proportions.

-Reflexology has been very successful in treating I.B.S.

-There are many teas or supplements which are also helpful. Try some of the following to see which ones you like and are most effective:-

Peppermint, ginger, rosemary, valerian, goldenseal, fennel, wild yam, marshmallow. There are also teas available which are made specifically to address stomach complaints, available in any good health food shop. Add honey or lemon to improve the flavour if you wish.

-Try eating live natural yoghurt to rebalance the good bacteria in your stomach.

-Some foods aggravate the symptoms, so by a process of elimination gradually cut out some foods to see which make you feel worse. Some of the worst culprits are wheat, dairy produce, citrus fruit, tea/coffee and other caffeine products & alcohol. So it might be worth cutting these foods out first.

- Avoid eating late at night, giving your system time to digest food properly.

-Try seeking professional support to help relax you and ease any stress you might have. A counsellor may be useful if your IBS is emotionally based. Other therapies that are useful include massage, aromatherapy, shiatsu, acupuncture, and acupressure among others.

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